Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog Awards!

I am so excited! I was nominated for the Lemonade award from 3 different blogs! I apologize I did not get this post out sooner, I have been working a lot (online jobs) and school started back up this week (only 3 classes left to graduate!!)
Thanks ladies! I can only hope that my blog is one day as nice as yours! My blog is still an infant, and I'm so happy people enjoy reading it. For the Lemonade Award I get to nominate 10 of my favorite blogs, here they are:
The Mommy Blog
-Melinda's blogs are always interesting! (She designed my cute banner too!)
The Misadventures in Baby Raising
- Shares her daily stories of raising her 4 kids.
A Voice for Moms
- A Homeschooling, Conservative Mom
Mamma's Money Savers
- She is always listing ways to get FREE goodies.
- Her son Dax is adorable!
Growing up Partists
- Homeschooling mom of 5 shares her daily life
Pear Soup
- Another Melinda blog with Funny things kids say, Hilarious!
My First Steps with Jesus
- She shares her fairly new journey with Christ
The Munchkins and me
- This Mom blog has a little bit of everything!
Conversion Diary
- Musings of a former atheist

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can I have 3-4 hours of sleep pleassee?

The current time right now is 2am in the morning and my eyes are about to bleed out of my head. My son is still up, playing and watching a Tigger & Pooh marathon on tv in his jumperoo and banging his pacifier happily. This little party animal never sleeps. Ever since I gave birth (8 months ago) We have not had more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep. As sleep deprived as I am, I remind myself that he is only this small for a short period of time and every minute I have with him should be cherished(even if I'm half awake). We are taking him to his 8 month check up this week, I'll be sure to ask the doctor for sleeping advice, I'm crossing my fingers that he has a magical solution besides the cry it out method. If not, I'm writing a letter to Oprah...she can figure out anything, right?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here comes trouble!

My little man is taking advantage of his new found skill, causing trouble! In just one week, he is able to pull himself up in the playpen and crib, Scoot around the floor strapped into the booster seat! and my favorite ..... attempting to escape out of the swing! I now understand why some of you moms put those ridiculous leashes on your children.

I better get busy child proofing!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Help Get my Baby to Sleep!

One mistake I have made as a Mom so far is not having my son sleep in his crib in those first few weeks. He now HATES his crib, he wont even play in there for more than a few minutes. If me or my husband are not right next to him at night he will not fall asleep. Not only does he have to sleep with us but he also wakes up several times in the middle of the night to "snack"(breastfed). We have tried the CIO method (Cry it out) but he crys so much and so long that we can never go through with it. It's just so sad to hear him and see him looking at us through those little wooden bars in his crib, he crys like we put him in jail! Its heartbreaking. If you have any advice please share!