Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reporting for Duty!

I’m young, I’m a mom, …and I have no idea what I’m doing! (Just Kidding, its not that bad…There are books on how to do this stuff.) In the past year my life has changed dramatically. My once immature and selfish world is transforming into a world of selflessness, responsibility, and is now filled with unconditional love. Being a young mom means you have lost many luxuries, but in return have found a more important meaning in life. Join me as I continue to adjust to my new path in life. I’m learning something new everyday, about life, love, family and motherhood..the best gift in the world.


  1. First order of business...ask Mindy Roberts from the Mommy blog to design a cute, but basic blog template for ya. Then, head over to Momversation to get in on the scene.

    Then stop by Daphne's.

  2. Hey, good luck FLMom! It's a busy time but a rewarding one as you're discovering. Be sure to make some time each week for yourself though!

  3. Hi FL Mom. I saw you on the momversation forum. If you want a new template in the future, you can also get a free wordpress template (if you want a professional looking design on the cheap). Best of luck with your blog!