Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love you Forever

My husband and our family keep getting onto me about cutting our sons hair. The problem is, I just can’t bring myself to pull our the scissors and give him a trim!You see, our 7 month old son has random patches of hair scattered on his head with a few very very long sporadic strands that stick up in the air. My husband jokes around and says he is going to be a grown man with a few long hairs all the way down to his butt. For the longest time I could not figure out why I became so sad when the haircut topic came up, until today. I realized the reason I am procrastinating cutting his hair is because to me, a hair cut symbolizes him growing up, and I so desperately want him to stay my baby. I feel like my emotions are that of a crazy person every time he reaches a new milestone, I get all excited for him, but then soon get saddened that my little boy is growing up too fast. Perhaps I am thinking selfishly, but I want him to be able to snuggle on my lap with a pacifier for the rest of his life.

Maybe this explains why my all time favorite Children's book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. The photo you see here is one of my favorite from the book, the mother just climbed up a window at her son's home to rock him to sleep. If you have never read Love you Forever, get it. I promise it will become one of your favorite as well.

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."


  1. I love this post. The first cut is always hard, even when it is just a trim. It is even harder to imaging them growing older and one day out of your life. That is a beautiful book and the picture symbolizes what I tell me kids all the time. "you'll be my babies when your 80!"

    Your not being selfish, your being a Mom.

  2. I know what you mean. I have 4 and just one boy so he's my baby even though he's not the youngest! When his first hair cut came I was a little sad too because it meant he was turning into my big boy...but I kinda like him that way. He's starting to say I Love You so if that means he's growing up I'm all for it!

  3. That was one of my favorite books to read to my children. Now they're 25, 23 and 18 and definitely still my babies. It's okay that they grow up.