Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog Awards!

I am so excited! I was nominated for the Lemonade award from 3 different blogs! I apologize I did not get this post out sooner, I have been working a lot (online jobs) and school started back up this week (only 3 classes left to graduate!!)
Thanks ladies! I can only hope that my blog is one day as nice as yours! My blog is still an infant, and I'm so happy people enjoy reading it. For the Lemonade Award I get to nominate 10 of my favorite blogs, here they are:
The Mommy Blog
-Melinda's blogs are always interesting! (She designed my cute banner too!)
The Misadventures in Baby Raising
- Shares her daily stories of raising her 4 kids.
A Voice for Moms
- A Homeschooling, Conservative Mom
Mamma's Money Savers
- She is always listing ways to get FREE goodies.
- Her son Dax is adorable!
Growing up Partists
- Homeschooling mom of 5 shares her daily life
Pear Soup
- Another Melinda blog with Funny things kids say, Hilarious!
My First Steps with Jesus
- She shares her fairly new journey with Christ
The Munchkins and me
- This Mom blog has a little bit of everything!
Conversion Diary
- Musings of a former atheist


  1. Wow! Thanks so much!!! I am totally honored and thrilled! You rock!

    Also, check out my site for giveaways as I am listing another one now!

  2. Awww, thanks, I sure think Dax is adorable, but I'm a little biased when it comes to him. ;)

  3. Thank you so are too sweet to think of me!

  4. I gotta write about it d-a-i-l-y?

  5. Congrats on your award
    You have another one

  6. Hi FLmom! I'm giving you the 'Honest Scrap' award for your awesome blog. You can grab it from my blog!
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Hope your schedule's lightening. I hear spring's on its way (crossing fingers).

  8. Hello there.. I also have an
    award for you at my
    blog. I hope you play along.. I hope we can have a link exchange.. Thanks.. It would be great to hear more from a fellow mommy blogger.. :)

  9. Congratulations... You deserve it

  10. They just made an upgrade on Blogger Following, Google Friends Connect are now being integrated to it. I have been using both features. To prevent any public humiliation on the users, Google set the settings of Blogger following to private. If you have noticed that I am not following you, I already fixed the followers issue.

    I hope that it will not affect our blogging relationship.
    Have a nice day!

    Make or Break

  11. Just stopping by to show off to Jimmy's bloggers. I do believe they're stalking me. Especially the gay one.

  12. Hello there!

    Kindly update your listings/blog rolls/ link list/ blog directories.. is now GOSSIP MOM

    now have its own

    PLease update your listings and add or change the said blogs.. rest assured that your link/ blog is listed on both blogs..

    Thanks a lot and have a great week ahead of you!

    Make or Break

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