Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can I have 3-4 hours of sleep pleassee?

The current time right now is 2am in the morning and my eyes are about to bleed out of my head. My son is still up, playing and watching a Tigger & Pooh marathon on tv in his jumperoo and banging his pacifier happily. This little party animal never sleeps. Ever since I gave birth (8 months ago) We have not had more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep. As sleep deprived as I am, I remind myself that he is only this small for a short period of time and every minute I have with him should be cherished(even if I'm half awake). We are taking him to his 8 month check up this week, I'll be sure to ask the doctor for sleeping advice, I'm crossing my fingers that he has a magical solution besides the cry it out method. If not, I'm writing a letter to Oprah...she can figure out anything, right?


  1. My sisters daughter was the same way never slept. I feel for you hopefully the doctor or Oprah will have an answer.

    Karen aka marrid66

    Here On Columbia Avenue

    Da Boss And Bryguy

    4 Cats Make Me Crazy!

  2. It won't help you sleep but you just won the lemonade award on my blog! You can stop by to pick it up anytime. I hope you like lemonade. ;-)

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