Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here comes trouble!

My little man is taking advantage of his new found skill, causing trouble! In just one week, he is able to pull himself up in the playpen and crib, Scoot around the floor strapped into the booster seat! and my favorite ..... attempting to escape out of the swing! I now understand why some of you moms put those ridiculous leashes on your children.

I better get busy child proofing!


  1. Tell me about it! We just lowered our crib two weeks ago to the lowest setting cuz Dax can pull to standing. I also removed the bumpers so he doesn't use them as a step to climb out. He's such a little monkey. I just finished babyproofing our livingroom this past weekend.

  2. You better get on it girl.... I totally remember the days of chasing toddlers! BTW I left you an award over at Blah-Zay stop by and pick it up!

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  3. I have a soon to be 2 year old and a 6 month old, both boys, and I know exactly where you are coming from!

  4. I also found you on LinkReferral and just left you review and marked you as a favorite!

  5. My Lil Man is now 17 months and he is terrorizing EVERYTHING in his path...good luck girl!